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Making the journey from a start-up to a global presence demands some tricky manoeuvring. Five years ago, Business Driver, a specialist in driver and fleet risk management, entered a marketplace full of companies making all manner of claims regarding their abilities. Yet, from the start Business Driver knew they had a great product and service offering, with a wide range of training programmes supported by a powerful, secure, software system developed in-house to help clients manage their driver fleets.

A simple web presence and basic branding got the company started, but belied the size and abilities of the company. In consultation with TA2 Design and Marketing, it was agreed the time had come to shout out loud. A strong, intriguing brand was developed, giving the company an identity they could grow into indefinitely. This was translated into a website design and marketing material that reflected Business Driver’s size, scope and status. Additionally, marketing materials including promotional videos, product/service information sheets and across the board social media are keeping them in the driving seat. Their training programmes are constantly expanding and their software system is always moving forward.

Business Driver is growing at an astonishing rate, attracting many high profile corporate clients whilst still appealing to start-ups and SMEs. They are now a market leader in driver and fleet risk management, with a global presence and contracts with the very biggest corporates across many industry sectors. Looking big helped to make them big, and this is reflected in the attitude of the dedicated team who are proud to be a part of this driving force.